ASEAN Retail Show

ASEAN Retail 2021, ASEAN’s very first international “One Stop Shop Solutions” trade show for multi billion dollars retail industry in one of the world’s fastest growing 10-nation economic group with over 650 million population.

The show profiles the very best retail solutions from Retail Technology to Retail Design & In-Store Marketing and Fittings, and Internet Retailing.

ASEAN Retail is the BEST platform for international retail suppliers to meet tens of thousands of retailers from big to small from the dynamic economic group which will be unified into one single market in late 2020.



  • Thai Wholesale & Retail Trade Association
  • The Capitalized Retailers and SME Trade Association
  • Software Association of Thailand
  • Thailand Standard Industrial Classification
  • Restaurant Business Association
  • GS1

Target Visitor

    1. Retail Design & In-Store Marketing The Retail Design & In-Store Marketing area features a whole range of shop design and visual marketing solutions. Products on show include the latest interior design, flooring, displays and lighting, all geared towards helping retailers and contractors create the perfect shopping environment.
    • Architects
    • Audio Visual
    • Carry Bags/ Gift Wrapping
    • Decorative Surfaces
    • Displays/ Showcases
    • Flooring
    • Furnishings
    • Graphics
    • Interior Design Specialists
    • Kiosks
    • Large Format Printing
    • Light Boxes
    • Lighting
    • Modular
    • Outdoor Shade (awning)
    • POP/ POS Products
    • Screen Printing
    • Shelving & Hanging Systems
    • Shop Fitting
    • Shopper Surveys
    • Shopping Carts/ Baskets
    • Signage
    • Storage & Logistics
    • Visual Merchandising Solutions

    2. Retail Technology The Retail Technology area presents the very latest technological solutions available across the market. Exhibitors from globally leading manufacturers will showcase products ranging from POS and RFID to mobile apps and security systems, each with the potential to take the retail and hospitality markets to the next level.
    • Back Office Software
    • Barcode Scanners
    • Car Parking Systems
    • Computer Hardware/Software
    • Customer Relationship Marketing
    • Data Capture and Mining
    • Data Warehousing
    • Database Management and Marketing
    • Digital Signage
    • E-Commerce
    • EPOS
    • Fraud Management and Loss Prevention
    • Gate Entry Solutions
    • Internet Providers
    • Inventory & Stock Control
    • Loyalty systems
    • Multi Channel Marketing
    • Payment Systems
    • Point-of Sale products
    • Queuing Systems
    • RFID
    • Safe Deposits
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Security Systems & CCTV
    • Smart Card Technology
    • Supply Chain Management

    3. Internet Retailing The online sector is unlocking unlimited opportunities for retailers. The Internet Retailing area will help retailers discover the very best solution providers that can set up and maintain platforms to drive customer purchases.
    • CRM solutions
    • Digital marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Direct mailing
    • E-commerce platform and solutions
    • Online payment / banking solutions
    • Purchase order and fulfillment management
    • Security, i.e. authentication
    • Shopping cart solutions and portals
    • Supply chain / inventory / logistics management
    • Website design / hosting / content management